Technology and the customer relationship

At a recent Comotion breakfast briefing in the Shard, Carol Savage looked at various aspects of how technology was changing brand/customer interactions. Carol has over two decades of experience as a Managing Director, CMO and latterly Chief Customer Officer, and was keen to create a discussion about three key questions: How does technology change how […]


The challenges of The Chief Customer Officer

So, now that you’re a Chief Customer Officer, what’s your remit? Well, that depends on your organisation, although there are three scenarios that we are seeing more and more of:  1) You’re a Board member and budget holder: In these situations, you have the opportunity to make a significant change in the way that the customer […]


Associates Breakfast Briefing: AI and Customer Experience

Introduction The Comotion Associate network met for their monthly associate breakfast in May. The focus of the meeting was to look at how AI will impact customer experience. The explosion of AI is likely to have a huge impact on how businesses communicate and how they manage their interactions with their customers. There is, of […]


Myth-busters: The fashion retailer and the snow tire

As part of our series of myth-busters about exceptional customers experiences (both good and bad), we are asking customer experts from around the world to talk about things that stood out for them. In this instalment, Lenny Heymann, Director at UBM talks about the fashion retailer and the snow tire. Ever heard the one about […]


Change in large organisations: adapt & accommodate

Sometimes making change in a large organisation is like pushing water up a hill. We used to describe the team I was a part of within the large corporate organisation that I worked at as the “speed boat beside the oil tanker”. But you need to come home to the mother ship. And sometimes there […]


Developing a Customer Driven Business: Core concepts and practical steps

At a recent Comotion Breakfast Briefing, Stephen Ingledew, who until recently was the Managing Director, Customers and Marketing at Standard Life, presented ‘Five key steps in developing a customer driven business’ based on his many years of experience and lessons with established financial services businesses. Most recently this was with Standard Life, where he led the transformation of the marketing […]