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The challenges of The Chief Customer Officer

So, now that you’re a Chief Customer Officer, what’s your remit? Well, that depends on your organisation, although there are three scenarios that we are seeing more and more of:  1) You’re a Board member and budget holder: In these situations, you have the opportunity to make a significant change in the way that the customer […]


Speaking machine with the PA

So – just had a fabulous conversation with Andrew Ingram, personal assistant to SC, who I am presently talking to about a consulting role. Having agreed with SC about what time I am talking to him, Andrew then emailed me to say that SC was busy at that time, therefore, could I book another time to […]


Outsourcing risk? You can’t…

Most organisations that are outsourcing use the contract to manage regulatory and other risks. They place obligations on their suppliers to ensure that regulatory obligations are met, usually in the form of a set of policies that have to be adhered to.