Comotion has a unique business model which ensures that clients always receive a team with the precise skill-set they require for their project.

We are a small core team with a huge network of skilled associates that we use to put together bespoke teams for client projects. The range of skills represented within our associate community is massively varied, including on the creative side; innovation specialists, brand strategists, service designers, user researchers (UX) and customer experience (CX) experts and on the digital side; digital process consultants, project managers, change managers, software engineers, digital strategists and IT transformation experts. We never need to hire from an agency as we have created our own ‘cogency’.

Our associates are all strong, tested, known to us and of the highest calibre in their field. We have over 800 associates, in a huge range of roles and every one of them has worked with one of the core team previously, or has been recommended by another associate. We are in regular contact with our associates, whether they are on a project for us or not. We have a dedicated Resourcing Manager who as well as keeping regular phone contact with the network, holds bi-weekly breakfast meetings and a number of evening events to keep the connections fresh. Because of our careful nurturing of these relationships, our associates will quite often take a lower rate to work for us because they know us, and love working with us. Once an associate is working on one of our projects we check in with them regularly through meetings, drinks and dinner to support them and keep up to date with project developments.