I am very fortunate to live in London and attend many conferences, briefings and networking events on a weekly basis. It’s a core part of my business dna. I attend events with several objectives: to gain knowledge, to build my network, to be challenged in my thinking and hopefully be inspired. Every conference I attend I hope to achieve at least one of these criteria. What I don’t expect is an excellent customer experience. So few events deliver this that I no longer look for or expect it. Until now…

In 2015 I had watched the hashtag on Twitter for Inspirefest with great interest. It caught my attention; it spoke about diversity, female founders, innovation, and the speed of change in doing business today. Could it be that I had found a conference that captured all my interests and passions under one roof? Could it be as good as Twitter was suggesting?

So in June 2016 I found myself with tickets bought, flights booked and a dream of a conference that might satisfy all or most of my criteria. My driver in attending was the content and the speaker lineup. I knew many other people who were going and was sure that the networking would be excellent. The content, speakers and networking was excellent, but what really stood out was the customer service. I received the best customer experience I have had for a long, long time.

It is not often the content quality can be taken for granted, Inspirefest was trending on twitter from the morning of day one and deservedly remained there over the two days of the event. But even above the content Inspirefest delivered an outstanding customer journey and experience.

My tickets and information pack arrived by email, every detail was covered and brilliantly explained. The Inspirefest team missed nothing. Following my tickets, a link arrived to the event app. This intrigued me. I downloaded it to my phone completed a simple sign-on and provided my details. This gave me speaker profiles, the bios of attendees and my schedule.

The value of the app really started to show in the following days. The app made it easy to network and start to get value from the event – before I had even got on the plane. Conference organisers should take note. I felt that my ticket was already paying for itself in the connections I was making. The app was a small, simple touch but brilliant executed.

The excellent customer experience continued throughout the two days. The registration process, venue and wifi connection were all excellent. They even managed to get the smaller details right, the food was excellent and transportation to the evening events seamless. The organisation and execution never faltered over the two days.

Inspirefest delivered on so many levels. For me Moncia Parker asked the most profound question in her amazing presentation – “Is business today about ROI or ROE (return on engagement) ?”. My answer to that question after attending Inspirefest is that it is both. I defiantly received both from Inspirefest.

A big thank you to the team at Inspirefest and Silicon Republic from a very happy customer. Roll on 2017!

Article by Denise McQuaid