Day 1, now THAT’s a thriller!

In honour of the upcoming Halloween festivities, our team at Comotion will be sharing some of their own CX stories – some terrifyingly great, others petrifyingly awful. Our first story comes from Nish Kotak, our great connector, and this one’s about a scarily good insurance experience:

“I recently switched to another insurer due to previous bad experience with a high street brand. The new insurer (car insurer in this case), had very specific experience in insuring equestrian clients.

Three months later, Mrs K is out with the horse at a show, the trailer attached to the 4×4 car. Disaster strikes, as the car won’t start. Night falls, and an ominous mist descends onto the road. If Mrs K had forgotten to charge her mobile phone, she would have had to walk to that nearby dubious-looking castle to use their telephone… – ok, so maybe that last bit wasn’t quite so accurate.

Instead, this is what happened.

The new insurer came to the rescue!

Not only did they arrange to have someone to try and fix the car – due to the proximity to the creepy castle, the car mysteriously wouldn’t let itself be fixed on site… They then arranged for a horse truck to take the horse back to the livery yard, a tow truck to take the 4×4 to the dealership, and to have the horse trailer be picked up and driven back to the livery yard the very next morning.

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The best bit? They called every 30mins throughout the entire operation to give us updates and to check that Mrs K and the horse were alright.

Hang on, you may protest, what is the cost of this exceptional insurance and service? Truthfully… no more than the high street brand who had caused us so much grief the year before.”

A great experience isn’t difficult. It’s just a jump to the left (now let’s do the time warp again)

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