Have you ever stopped for a moment, to consider if you’re more Kirk or Spock? 
I’m guessing probably not… 

It’s an idea about the battle to become customer-centric which I lovingly refer to as the Kirk Vs Spock analogy and how it’s a battle between the two to find the CX sweet spot.     

Kirk – Highly emotional.    Spock – Highly logical. 

It’s just one of the many things I discussed recently with Ethan Beute, a customer experience expert and host of the Customer Experience Podcast.

We did a real deep-dive discussion into the state of CX today, and how by becoming more human-centred we might be able to really turn things around.      

Customer Experience Podcast

Listen to the episode to learn more about:     
The Spock vs. Kirk customer experience battle
The evidence showing how the Big CX Dream has failed to live up to its billing
The tendency to treat CX as an ideology rather than as a discipline
The tool-led rather than expertise-driven nature of CX
The agile methodology‘s application in customer experience
The human factor‘s promise in fulfilling the Big CX Dream    

Oh, and if you fancy it, you can find my TedTalk on Removing Bullies, here

Article by Ben Smithwell