Consumer Council for Water [CCW] is the independent representative of household and business water consumers in England and Wales. They provide free advice to consumers and keep them informed on the issues that affect them, as well as taking up complaints on behalf of household and business customers.

We were asked to provide support around how to use operational MI within their customer relations function, and improve their overall multi-channel customer experience. We also worked with the team around a recent organisational re-structure, to support improved ways of delivering the customer experience across their UK locations.


Through our work with CCW we were able to not only strengthen their existing MI capability, but also support re-structuring the organisation to enable more effective ways of working. We worked with both the leadership of the organisation and individuals on the ‘front line’ make this happen, bringing our experiences of best practice elsewhere to the fore. This allowed the organisation to drive improved operational metrics, and ultimately deliver a better experience for their customer.

Article by Rebecca Spiller