Infosecurity Europe is one of 500 events organised by Reed Exhibitions worldwide. The Reed Exhibitions business had reached a plateau with a number of its international Trade Shows. Whilst competitors were continuing to grow, the client faced ongoing growth constraints. The business accepted that there was a need to break old habits and asked us to use one of its largest shows as a pilot to develop a customer-led strategy.

Our analysis of the market and customers highlighted that there were opportunities for growth in three areas – fixing the basics, extending the exhibition into an event and moving into being a relationship business. A key element of the work was to help the business understand that it had a variety of customer types, each of which had differing needs that Infosecurity Europe could support.

The work resulted in a significant cultural change within the pilot business. Moreover, we also created a blueprint that is now being used across the group to replicate the success in other units.

Kerry Prince | Portfolio Director | Reed Exhibitions

“Comotion pushed us to think differently, they changed the focus away from the business, towards the customer and what was important to them.”

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