So – just had a fabulous conversation with Andrew Ingram, personal assistant to SC, who I am presently talking to about a consulting role. Having agreed with SC about what time I am talking to him, Andrew then emailed me to say that SC was busy at that time, therefore, could I book another time to speak?

The confusion was increased by the fact that Andrew was in New York emailing me at 2am local time. I then checked him out to discover that Andrew actually is on Linked In and has 97 people connected to him. At that point, suspicions were raised by the fact that his signature said:

Andrew Ingram | Personal Assistant to SC
An artificially intelligent assistant that schedules meetings

So – unsure, whether I was talking to man or artificial intelligence bot, I then replied to Andrew, mentioning that I had already booked a meeting and was a bit confused. He replied saying thank you for sorting out the meeting. At that point, I finally saw the link ( and realised that I am possibly the most stupid human in the world as I have been chatting to a machine ( – the artificial intelligent personal assistant).

This has not stopped me, as I am now wasting the afternoon asking questions such as whether Andrew thinks that the UK should stay in or exit Europe.

This is far more fun than working.

Article by Rob Millar