Growing strategically

How do you strategically place the customer at the heart of your business?

Our business is built on the belief that you will be able to create long-term, sustainable growth if you truly place your customers at the heart of everything you do. We have developed a proven methodology to achieve this goal that is both logical and simple to follow. Click on the diagram below for more details.

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A key part of our approach is that our relationship with you changes as we work with you.

When we work with you on strategy projects (i.e. “What” should you do), we provide the typical consulting support that you would expect. This is usually a short-term, fixed price programme where we bring additional skills, challenge existing thinking and work directly with your Board to agree a future vision.

As we move from the “What” to defining “How” you deliver the vision, our role moves from consulting with you, to facilitating you through the process. The reason for this is that your business needs to own the design of your future. As such, we focus a significant amount of effort on training, mentoring and transferred knowledge so that you can lead the charge.

As we move from designing the “How” into delivery (the “When”), our philosophy is that your business should have the requisite skills to deliver, but potentially needs short-term support in terms of specialist skills and extra hands. As such, Comotion takes a step back and we introduce Execellence, our sister-business that provides contract and interim staff. The rationale – we can provide both the functional skills and the cultural fit at a far more competitive rate for longer-term programmes of work.

Overall, our aim is to build a long-term partnership with all companies we work with. We need you to feel that we can support, add additional value

Designing the external offer is only half the story. The new strategy often demands a redesign to your internal functions – this could involve the development of a new operating model, systems changes, process redesigns and most importantly cultural change. The work involved at this stage can vary widely, but could include:

  • Identifying new initiatives and prioritise existing programmes based on customer needs
  • Building customer-led KPIs into staff scorecards
  • Promoting hero projects that prove to staff / customers that you are serious about change
  • Linking short-term quick wins to longer-term change initiatives to build an overall blue-print
  • Developing evangelists that will act as your champions to deliver the change

Contact us to chat further about how we can help you design a future operating model that will deliver your long-term, sustainable growth.

During the strategy process we will develop an understanding of what you need to achieve. In the design phase, we need to look at how you delivery the strategy – this includes the offers that you take to market, the experiences your customers will have, the channels through which you deliver them and the positioning of your brand to promote them.

Designing your external offer is not just a sales and marketing challenge. We need to consider the entire process from engaging with to servicing your customer base. However, in doing so, we also need to be pragmatic – using an agile approach to develop new ideas quickly at low cost in order to gain momentum.

Contact us to chat further about how we can help you build innovation functions, redesign your customer journeys and develop your brands around the new ways of working.

Delivery must focus on proving by doing. You can no longer accept £multi-million transformation programmes delivered by Big Four consultancies. Change needs to be owned by your business. It needs to link short-term proof points to longer-term ambition. It needs to focus on bringing your staff along on the journey. Most importantly, it needs to show a direct link between your customer and sustainable growth.

Our approach to transformation is based on a four stage process that focuses on Fixing / Delivering / Differentiating / Delighting. At each step we educate, prove, build confidence, show that investment is well spent and then scale. We do not ask you to sign-up to a 3 year programme. We work with you to make sure that you deliver your own change and build your own future.

Contact us if you would like to know more about how you implement change.

Whether you want to double the size of your business or save existing revenues from decline, our approach to sustainable growth (or defence of your existing income streams) requires a difference in thinking. We need to challenge your perceptions of who your customers are and what they need from you. We need to look at alternative ways of building relationships through innovation, brand repositioning, or channel diversity. We need to provide enough insight for you to not only believe but champion these new ways of thinking. Most importantly, we need to provide an answer that every member of your Executive agrees with and backs.

Our approach has now been successfully implemented in companies ranging from $10M - $1Bn in size. Have a meeting with us, so that we can walk you through a playbook that shows you the process in action.

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