A key part of our approach is that our relationship with you changes as we work with you.

When we work with you on strategy projects (i.e. “What” should you do), we provide the typical consulting support that you would expect. This is usually a short-term, fixed price programme where we bring additional skills, challenge existing thinking and work directly with your Board to agree a future vision.

As we move from the “What” to defining “How” you deliver the vision, our role moves from consulting with you, to facilitating you through the process. The reason for this is that your business needs to own the design of your future. As such, we focus a significant amount of effort on training, mentoring and transferred knowledge so that you can lead the charge.

As we move from designing the “How” into delivery (the “When”), our philosophy is that your business should have the requisite skills to deliver, but potentially needs short-term support in terms of specialist skills and extra hands. As such, Comotion takes a step back and we introduce Execellence, our sister-business that provides contract and interim staff. The rationale – we can provide both the functional skills and the cultural fit at a far more competitive rate for longer-term programmes of work.

Overall, our aim is to build a long-term partnership with all companies we work with. We need you to feel that we can support, add additional value

Article by Rebecca Spiller