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UKHA Shortlist

Comotion shortlisted for Professional Services Provider of the year at the UK Housing Awards 2020.

Comotion, the consultancy who strategically transform businesses to become customer-led, has been shortlisted in the UK Housing Awards 2020 for their transformative work with Hyde Housing. At the prestigious UK Housing Awards Comotion are shortlisted for the Professional Services Provider of the year, recognising Comotion’s work with Hyde Housing to help them to become customer-led. […]

CCO screen

The Chief Customer Officer Report 2018

Download the Chief Customer Officer report 2018 The report has been compiled from a combination of research and interviews conducted by Talecco with thought leadership provided by Comotion. It’s a definitive resource for any company that is wishing to become more customer-led and to genuinely put the customer at the heart of their business. It’s […]


Comotion Consulting Ltd acquired by Freeman

We are delighted to announce that Comotion Consulting Ltd and Talecco have been acquired by Freeman, the world’s leading brand experience company. Freeman is a global leader recognised for helping clients design, plan, and deliver immersive experiences for their most important audiences. In the four years since its foundation, Comotion has built an enviable reputation […]


About Comotion

Comotion Consulting Limited are a UK based consulting firm who support clients in becoming “customer-led”. Founded in 2013 they work across a range of sectors to support clients in the strategy, transformation and talent space. They operate under two brands: i) Comotion Consulting, who provide strategy and transformation advisory work to clients aiming to be […]


Finance and HR in an Agile age

I have been involved in a number of Agile transformations across multiple large organisations.  In every case I’ve seen that when adopting Agile across an enterprise, it is vitally important to make sure that you get Corporate Services, particularly Finance and HR, on board from the start.  If you don’t, tension and reasons to resist change […]


Why good projects fail and bad projects live

Around this time last year, I attended a really interesting leadership workshop (hosted by Moshe Braunfrom ARC Group) where the group got to talking about speaking authentically and the power of experimenting even if it means failure. We all have been in the situation where there is a particular project that no one actually believes in – and […]


The E2E customer experience and the burden on your internal customer

The End-to-End (E2E) customer experience is paramount; however, achieving it is difficult. We demand organisations become everything for everyone thereby diluting the specific value propositions on offer. With information overload and the world speeding up asymptotically, something usually gives when having to consider everything from every perspective to meet the E2E objective. How do you […]


My musings on learning proper CX

I’ve been working for a global high street bank for the last 18 years and recently had the opportunity to second at 7 organisations across a variety of sectors. It’s been an incredibly eye-opening experience and enabled me to better understand these organisations. My key objective on this excursion away from my normal business line were to understand how these new organisations deliver exceptional customer […]


The Tyranny of Task

An epidemic of emails, oppressive KPIs and strict silos are slowly consuming corporate life and rendering an already daunting image apocalyptic. Employees are time poor, as the days of coasting – itself a fruit of the 9-5 ordering of life – disappear and management by task reasserts itself. But there is mounting evidence to suggest […]


Reinventing the exhibitions business

BRIEF Infosecurity Europe is one of 500 events organised by Reed Exhibitions worldwide. The Reed Exhibitions business had reached a plateau with a number of its international Trade Shows. Whilst competitors were continuing to grow, the client faced ongoing growth constraints. The business accepted that there was a need to break old habits and asked […]


Culture In Transformation

“Culture is the beating heart of any successful transformation”  In January Comotion held one of its series of breakfast briefings. The speaker on this occasion was Darren Johnson. Darren joined Reed Exhibitions as the Managing Director of B2B in 2014 and has recently been promoted to CEO of Reed UK. He found a company that needed a significant […]


Is customer experience the evolution of brand?

In this post, we examine the relationship between customer experience and brand. Which is better at driving customer engagement and where might the Chief Customer Officer fit in to all this? In a recent article in The Drum, Joe Heapy, a co-founder of Service Design Consultancy Engine, argued that customer experience is now starting to […]